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About Mardoc Inc.

MARDOC (Modular Antenna Radar Designs Of Canada) is a company which specializes in development and deployment of radars with scientific applications. We particularly work with atmospheric and meteor radars. Our current productions are a windprofiler radar called WindTtracker, and an all-sky meteor system called SKiYMET. Some of our more recent products incorporate software-based receivers digitized at frequencies equal to the carrier frequency, as well as real-time deconvolution, allowing high resolution and greater linearity. (e.g. see our paper here).

The WindTtracker (Wind and Turbulence Tracker) is an atmospheric radar designed to measure wind speeds and directions, and turbulence strengths, throughout the lower atmosphere and into the stratosphere. It has applications in various types of atmospheric physics. It can measure wind speeds with a temporal resolution of minutes, and with a height coverage of typically 500 metres to 20 km altitude (depending on power output). These radars can also be used in some cases to study winds and turbulence at altitudes of 60 to 90 km.

In particular we designed and built the radars of the O-QNet, a network of WindTtracker profiler radars which covers southern Ontario and Western Quebec in Canada. Data from these radars are sent hourly to forecasting sites in Canada, the UK and the USA and used in operational forecasts. One of or recent successes was development of methods to forecast tornadoes with 10-15 minutes warning. A paper relating to this work can be found here: Tornado Prediction.

Click on the links to the left to see some examples of our results. One of the links ("Data") allows you to study recent results obtained from web sites of radars that we have been involved with.

Our other main product, the SKiYMET radar (all-SKY Interferometric METeor radar), is a meteor-detection and analysis instrument, and has been deployed in Canada, The USA, Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Australia, the Arctic, Antarctica and Ascension Island, among others. Follow the links to the left to learn more about these radars.

Dr. Anna Hocking, M.Sc., Ph.D.
(President and C.E.O)

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